Twenty years ago, most people’s dream of working from home was just that: a dream. But in 2020, working from home is the future of work and already the reality for millions of people in our present.

Whether you want to work for a company remotely or start your own online business, you have options!

Here are ten popular work-from-home jobs where you don’t need to leave the house. They each have the potential to become your primary source of income, which means you can achieve your dreams of working in your pajamas and banishing that terrible commute to your 9-5 forever.

10 Jobs Where You Don’t Need to Leave the House1. Virtual Assistant (VA)

VA work typically involves administrative duties but can encompass just about any business task that small business owners don’t have the time or resources to do themselves. Some of the most common services include email management, social media management, customer service, project management, and website support.

One of the best things about virtual assistant work is that you don’t need much experience to get started. In many cases, your clients will even pay you to learn new skills as you go! If you’re organized and love helping others succeed, it’s a great business with tons of opportunities for specialization and growth down the road.

Of course, if you don’t want to start your own VA business, you can work for one of the many companies that offer VA services to clients. Here are a few to get you started:

2. Freelance Writer

It’s a common misconception that you need to have a journalism or English degree to be a freelance writer. As long as you enjoy writing and have a solid grasp of the English language, you can be successful!

With more than 4 million new blog posts being published every day, there’s a ton of demand in 2020 for freelance writers. Blog posts are probably the most common writing job, but there are a lot of other niches you can specialize in, like copywriting, newsletter writing, white papers, technical writing, and more.

Even as a beginner, you can find quality writing jobs on sites like ProBlogger and nDash, provided you know how to pitch and have a few quality writing samples.

3. Travel Agent

If you love all things travel, then becoming a remote travel agent might be a great fit for you! In this role, you get to help people book vacations and other trips like business events, ocean cruises, and honeymoons. You use your expertise to book the best trips at the most competitive cost for your clients.

As a beginner, you’ll likely need to become part of a hosting agency. Although agencies usually take a cut of your commission, it’s ideal in the beginning because you get to piggyback on their marketing, training opportunities, and prospective clients.

One thing to consider is that, depending on the travel company you work for, you might only get paid when the trip happens. Since most people book trips months or even a year in advance, this means that earnings might be slow to start.

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4. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is another in-demand skill that never goes out of style as businesses will always need visual content for their website, logos, products, and marketing materials.

While formal education is beneficial, you can definitely take the DIY approach, using the internet’s many online resources. A few practical courses on Skillshare and Udemy might be all you need to get started.

For example, take a class to learn how to use Canva or PicMonkey, and you could start a freelance business designing pins and other social media graphics for small businesses.

5. Online Fitness Coach

The fitness industry is booming with online opportunities for those who are passionate about exercise and health.

For example, if you already have some personal training experience under your belt, you can take a program like the Online Trainer Academy, which is designed to help you build a business as an online personal trainer.

In this role, you create fitness plans for your clients and have regular check-ins with them through video calls and email.

You can also generate passive income in this industry by creating and selling digital products like meal plans and workout programs.

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6. Blogger

Bloggers make money through ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and their own digital products.

Truthfully, it is not easy making a full-time income from blogging. There is a seemingly neverending list of skills to learn, including SEO, digital marketing, email marketing, website maintenance, and more. Most bloggers won’t reach the glamorous six and seven-figure income levels that you read about.

But anyone serious about blogging can reach their income goals with persistence and strategy.

Once you have the content and the audience, you get to make money while you sleep – and there are few things as rewarding as that!

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7. Customer Support

There are many companies out there hiring remote call center agents, provided you are fluent in English and have a high-speed internet connection.

One popular form of remote customer support is the online chat agent, which is ideal for fast typists and multitaskers. In this role, you are answering questions and troubleshooting issues through a chat window with the customer. Often, you’ll need to juggle multiple conversations at the same time.

You can find this kind of work through companies like The Chat Shop, Apple, or LiveWorld.

8. Etsy Seller

If you love crafting or making homemade jewelry, opening an Etsy shop could be your ticket to working from home. Etsy is one of the most robust platforms for selling handmade items, with more than 44 million active buyers reported last year.

Making a full-time income on Etsy is not easy, but it is possible. Once you make your first few sales, you may need to invest back into your business to learn how to scale.

With Etsy, you’re not just restricted to physical crafts or products; you can also create PDF products like planners, calendars, or trackers and sell them as digital downloads.

10 Jobs Where You Don’t Need to Leave the House

9. ESL Tutor

Thanks to globalization, the need for ESL tutors is higher than ever. People all over the world need someone to help them hone their English reading, speaking, and writing skills. And for most ESL tutoring jobs, you only need to be fluent in English.

All you need is a noise-canceling headset, a webcam, and a high-speed internet connection. There are lots of companies hiring for these jobs, including Qkids, VIPKID, and Cambly.

10. Proofreading

With all of the content being churned out online day after day, someone needs to be proofreading!

Not to be confused with editing, which involves making changes to the document, a proofreader’s job is only to find and notate grammatical and spelling errors. It’s an ideal job if you have strong English skills and enjoy reading.

Although proofreading professionally can take some training, once you have those skills, you can find enough clients to make a full-time income.


If your dream is to find a job where you don’t need to leave the house, there are a ton of great opportunities you can pursue in 2020!

Even if you don’t feel like you don’t have the skills to be successful yet, you can always invest in an online training program to upgrade your skills, whether that’s with specialized online training courses or through more affordable options like Udemy or Skillshare.

Provided you have a willingness to learn and a drive to succeed, you can make a full-time income from any one of these ten jobs.

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