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Can You Make Money Online by Riding a Motorcycle?

With various ways to make money online, not everyone has the time to research, learn, implement, and then cash in on them all. Some niches might be right for you, while other you probably will not be able to stand working in. Having that extra drive behind the mechanics of making your blog and business work is where the magic really is. While I’m the never going to tell you that you need to stay in the market that you “know the most about” or “are passionate about,” I am going to to tell you that you would be surprised to see just how many people can earn great money doing something that they love to do.

I know, I’ve found my happy place – on a motorcycle.

While you might not enjoy the same hobbies as me, if you are reading this then you most likely are interested in making some money so you can do what you love to do. I’ve got a few ideas for you.

Have you ever been wearing a piece of gear that has a few obvious imperfections? Something that you wish you could just change about it? Of course, we all have. Now just think, you went ahead and bought those gloves/chaps/boots/insert-whatever without knowing that there was going to be something that you didn’t like about them. Well now is your chance to fix it.

Enter Physical product sales.

Wait a minute. Didn’t you say that I could make some $$$ by riding my motorcycle around all day? Just how am I going to be selling stuff while I am doing that? Stick with me.

Unless this is your first day on the internet, you have heard of a little retail website called Amazon. Now what most people do not know, is that there are real everyday people like you and me that sell things on this site to others. I’m not going to get into the specifics on that now. There is a lot of training in blogs, podcasts, and on YouTube about the mechanics of doing it, and you are in the learning kind of mood right?

Remember that piece of gear that you found the flaw in that you know how easy it would be to fix? Good. Fix it, and find someone else to make a bunch of them for you and get in business. Now you have one more reason that you have to go for a ride, and “promote thy biznass.”

Now if you are afraid of commitment like I am you might want to start just a little bit slower that firing up a new company. And that is OK. You’ve heard of the term “Lifestyle Business” I hope. That’s the kind of business that is the leanest of the lean, take only a few hours a day and can be ran from anywhere? You might know where I’m going with this, but I’ll say it anyway. Run it and go play on your motorcycle all day!

Grab that camera, start riding, and start practicing at taking those photos that you always wanted to anyways. Get on one-of-hundred stock photography sites and start building up your library of content (and income). Now you have one more reason to saddle-up and get out there.

Need another? Fine 🙂

(I’m terrible at taking good pictures too)

This idea does not require you to invest in your own brand of products OR talk pretty women into standing in front of your motorcycle on the beach. (Only half-kidding) Do you riding to entertaining destinations, popular group rides, or are not afraid to talk on camera? Give MotoVlogging a spin. Strap a GoPro on your helmet or bike and head out. After shooting a few bloopers and editing some of your own ummmsss, uuhhhhs, and aahhhhs, you’ll find out what people are interested in watching. Why not just head over to YouTube and find out before strapping up. Motovloggers get sponsored by popular brands and bring in some good $$ from ads served on their vids. The more interesting, entertaining, or info-taining, the more potential money that you can bring in.

And if you really do enjoy the Motorcycle Hobby like me and want to make some money while doing it – Great!

I’ve got 10 Clever Ways to Make Money While Riding Your Motorcycle for you to check out. Riding your bike back and forth to work should not be the only miles that you put on this year.

Karl Steinmeyer has been riding for about 8 years and his current ride is a red Yamaha Roadstar 1700cc. His goal with his website is to replace his full-time income and be able to enjoy the more of the motorcycle lifestyle while helping others do the same.

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