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Tools For Online Business Success That Anyone Can Use

Online business success is achievable, but you need some tools at your disposal to make things easier for you. Managing an online business can be easier than managing a brick and mortar business in some ways, but you still need to be on top of things and be organized if you want to start seeing profits. These slick programs can help you manage your time, manage your files and manage your life so you can be efficient with your time.


Asana is a project management tool that allows you to track projects and tasks, and share or assign them to other people. Whether you need to manage a blog where you assign articles to other writers and keep track of what is complete and what isn’t, or you just need a super savvy to-do list for your daily life, Asana gets it done. The program is easy to use and the interface is clean and simple, so you can find what you need quickly. The ability to create tasks with due dates and sub tasks within that task with their own due dates is a particularly handy feature, as is the ability to sync everything to your Google Calendar.


If you need a place to store large files and access them from anywhere, Dropbox is the way to go. This program is a must if you use several different devices for your online business and don’t want the hassle of transferring files from one device to the other. You can store all of your files in Dropbox and sync them with each of your devices, so you can access them no matter what device you’re using or no matter where you are. You don’t have to be online to access your files, and your files are always secure. The days of jump drives are over!

Google Drive

Forget using Microsoft Word to create your documents. Or even Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and more. Google Drive offers an online interface that allows you to create, save and store your documents online and access them anywhere you can access your Gmail account. You can create documents (that get saved automatically!) and share them with other people, or even transfer ownership of the documents to others. You can have more than one person working on a document at the same time, and the handy chat feature allows you to discuss the project in real time as you’re working on it. This program is far easier to use than desktop word processing or spreadsheet applications.


This program allows you to capture just about anything – including ideas, pictures, notes and more – and access it from any device anywhere you have an internet connection. If you’re at a restaurant and have a brilliant idea that you want to come back to later, don’t write it on a napkin and hope that it makes it home in your pocket (because it likely won’t.) Instead, grab your smartphone, save your idea in Evernote and come back to it whenever you want, wherever you are at. The handy search feature allows you to quickly search for what you need and find it in a snap, without having to browse through all of your notes and images. This is definitely one program you need to have if you’re running an online business!


Skype isn’t just for video chatting with your Mom or connecting with family members across the country. These days, Skype is used by most business professionals to connect with clients and employees, and is a must for telecommuting. If you need to communicate often with a variety of people online, you can do it easily with Skype. Whether you’re chatting, doing an audio call or even video chatting, you can connect with others that have Skype for free. For a small fee, you can call land lines or cell phones, and even send a text. Skype is especially helpful for communicating with others around the globe and doing business internationally.


If you have an email list and send emails or newsletters to a large list of people, MailChimp is going to be your new best friend. With its rich text editors and slick interface, MailChimp is easy to use and creates professional looking emails in half the time of other email programs. Whether you’re sending text only emails or heavily formatted, image intensive newsletters, MailChimp can handle it. If you need to do split testing, or send one email to half your list and another email to the other half, you can do it with this program. You’ll save tons of time and effort in formatting your emails and sending them out.


Every online business needs a website, and most businesses that don’t already blog are incorporating a blog feature into their static website. BlogPress is a web host that makes it simple for you to blog, without having to worry so much about the technical aspect of it. Forget having to mess with HTML or servers or cPanel or any of that! They do all of that for you so you can just blog. As soon as you sign up, you have a WordPress blog with the awesome plugins that you need already plugged in, and you can easily change your theme or add widgets. The best part is that if you have a problem, you can easily contact support and get answers from a real person. This is by far one of the easiest to use web hosts if your online business requires a website or blog.

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