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3 Ways To Expand Your Online Business

Online business sales have never been more lucrative than they have been now. Making a lot of money online, however, does take a bit of creativity, time to test out different methods, and the time to measure how successful these tests are.

Before you begin to jump around and try out a number of different marketing and sales methods to boost your business, here are the top three that we found were the best at not only increasing our conversion rates, but that were also the best at increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty.

1. Turn Your Blog Into An E-Commerce Site

One option to expand your online business, which is what you want to do unless you do not want to make any money and just share your thoughts with everybody, is to turn your blog into an e-commerce site. Give your regular readers a product to by, it can be your own or it can be something you are promoting for someone else in an affiliate relationship. Just give them something to buy and they will.The key here is to draw your customers’ focus to just one or a few products or services that you may have.

Though offering everything all at once may help you gain some customers, our testing has shown that it will ultimately make you lose them. But having one product, or just a set or related products all laid out on the homepage and include a list of all of the benefits that the product offers, you will find that your sales will probably increase immediately.

2. Publish A Book

It can simply be a summary of your blog posts. You hear people talk for years how they are going to do something and never do it but there are so many ways to start this so just begin! You can start with a summary of your blogs posts. They hard part is not deciding what you are going to do; the hard part is deciding you are going to do it.

It could be just a PDF, do not think of this big book that you have to put on shelves. It could be a 50 page document, just start with something. It could be a free report which is a great start. You could write it yourself or hire a ghostwriter to write it for you. Remember your job is to make it happen; you have an online business not just a blog.

3. Add A Social Component

Add comments to your blog, add forums, create a social community – get your readers interacting with each other so it is not just you spouting information to them.

Additional Ways To Expand

Change Where Your Opt-In Offer Appears

The opt-in offer that you have is incredibly important for your sales. This kind of offer is the best tool that you could ever use to obtain your customers’ email addresses so you can build up your email list. An email list is important, of course, so that you can touch base with your customers regularly, create a relationship between you and them, and then also sell your product or service.

Here’s the thing: most people don’t know where to place their opt-in offer. Nothing is 100%, but if you try these tips for your own site there’s a good chance you will find an increase in subscribers:

  • If you have a long sales letter, then try placing your opt-in offer within the 2nd “page” of text. It should show up somewhere after you have captured your visitors’ attention by stating a problem and your ability to solve it, providing testimonials, and giving them your credentials.
  • If you have a shorter sales letter, the best place to place it is on the top left side of the page. This is where most visitors’ eyes will land when they first visit a website. Failing that, make a point to keep the opt-in offer somewhere in the top half of the page so that visitors will see it before needing to scroll down

Another technique which is providing to be quite successful are “hover ads.” Hover ads are the small windows that will “pop up” when you visit a website, which usually contain a special offer or “important information.” These ads have been created since “pop ups blockers” were created, and pop up blockers cannot block out hover ads!

You may be thinking, “But pop up blockers were created because people HATE pop ups!” While this is true, most businesses have found that their sales have increased exponentially by using them. You’re giving any visitor important information right away, right when they visit your website, so they don’t have to read through pages of text to get there.

Have A Great Sales Copy

All too many online business owners have created horrible sales copy letters that really do nothing for the visitor. You want to make sure that your sales letter helps give you and your business the much needed credibility to convince customers that you’re someone they want to be buying from. Customers need to feel comfortable and at ease when they make a purchase. There are two quick and easy ways you can do this:

  • Add a section to your sales letter that shows off your credentials. Tell them about your background and tell them about your experience.. You want them to know that you are the best person to solve their problem.
  • Add testimonials to your sales letter. Don’t make the mistake of just making them up either; if they sound canned, your readers will know. Take little excerpts from real emails and letters that you have gotten from customers, expressing how you, your product and/or your service has helped them solve their problem. Try not to choose testimonials that just say how “great” or “wonderful” your product is. Prove that it’s useful!

Another tip is to go over your sales letter that you have now and spot any references to yourself. Any “me”, “I” and “we” references need to be replaced with “you” and “your.” You don’t want to blab on and on about how your product has helped YOU. You need to be telling the customer exactly how your product will be benefiting them, i.e. “You will save a ton of time with such-and-such a product and/or service!”

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