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If you’re tired of the constant treadmill of working in an office, or you simply want more control over your working life, freelancing may seem like a good option. There are pros and cons to going out on your own. You have more flexibility in the work you do and how you do it. However, it can be difficult to find clients and income can be low to start with. Deciding to freelance is a big decision, so you need to consider your options carefully, before you take the plunge.

Once you have decided that freelancing is for you, it’s time to make sure that you optimize the amount of money that you make. There are several things that you should do, in order to make this happen.


Set up a home office space

If you’re going to be working from home, you need an office space. Creating this space for yourself means that you are better able to separate your work from your home life. This means that you can be more productive, leading to higher earnings. There are several things that you need access to in your office including:

  • A laptop that is powerful enough to cope with the demands of using it to run your business activities.
  • A reliable Internet signal.
  • A chair and desk that offer support and flexibility.
  • A printer/scanner.
  • A reliable phone and phone signal.
  • A supply of stationery items such as pens, paper and staples.

If you need financial help with setting up your office space, or with ongoing business needs, you can apply for an unsecured business loan. Just make sure that you are confident of being able to comply with repayment terms.


Choose your freelancing role

Most freelancers have a skill which they use to make money from their freelancing services. IT services such as website design and development, online security and app development are always in high demand. There are others options such as marketing, writing and virtual assistant services, from which you can also make money.

Choose a niche where you know you can provide a good service, and get a good reputation. Make sure that you know what services you want to offer, and that they are clearly defined and advertised. Do not be tempted to undertake other work just to keep a client happy. If you do not have the expertise needed to do a good job, you could damage your reputation. You can also become distracted from your defined role.


Decide who to target as a client

This does not mean that you have to find an individual to contact. It means that you need to decide what type of individual or business is most likely to hire you. Research demographics and look into where you services are most requested. You also need to think about factors such as can a potential client afford your services and are they a person or business you could see yourself working with. Defining the right client base for you helps you to target your marketing. This helps you to make more sales and earn more cash.


Charge the right amount for your services

You have calculated the amount of money you need to live on each month. This does not mean you should charge the minimum required to reach this figure. You should always value your product or services. Customers will normally be prepared to pay more if what you provide is high quality.

Take a look at what the going rate is for your services and use this information when you are making pricing decisions. Price at the higher end of the scale and the increased profits you make can help you to have a more comfortable lifestyle.

These actions can all help you to earn money freelancing at home. If you are currently in employment, why not try freelancing at the same time, at first. That way you can build your freelancing into a viable source of income, before you leap into it full time.


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