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Guest Post: Become a Passive Income Ninja and Live Free

The following is a guest post by Patrick Meninga.

Hi there! My name is Patrick but I also go by “Skinny Ninja” online, just for the fun of it.

Recently I earned my “ninja status” when it comes to passive earnings online, and I want to share with you exactly how I did it.

Judge for yourself if I qualify or not:

* I started a brand new website from scratch in a “real world” niche (not a marketing website).
* I put in a lot of effort up front and then let the site grow to over $2,000/month in AdSense income. Because all of my earnings came from AdSense, I had no customers to deal with and no one to answer to.
* I later sold the website for $200,000 when approached by an unsolicited buyer and now earn roughly $600 to $1,000 per month in dividends and growth from that money.
* I am currently building another business in order to grow my capital and create even more passive earnings, both online and through my investments.

Some people argue that passive income is a myth, and perhaps they are right. But I am having a blast creating businesses and making big money with them.

My methods are not extremely unique and they do require quite a bit of effort.

Here is my formula:

1) Build a large authority website that gets lots of free traffic.
2) Publish daily in order to achieve high volume and create a large website.
3) Promote using high quality guest posts and ignore other marketing tactics.

Build a large authority website that gets lots of free traffic

There are other methods of making money online, but my personal preference is the authority website model.

Make one big website and make it outstanding. Put all of your effort into it.

There are several advantages to this approach:

* You will build momentum and growth much quicker than if you have multiple websites.
* Your resale value will be much higher in the end if you build a single authority website. Mine sold for $200,000 when it was not even up for sale!
* You avoid spreading your effort too thin and creating low quality web properties. Putting all of your eggs in one basket insures premium quality. Risky? Perhaps. But so is spreading yourself too thin with multiple websites.
* You only have to build link juice and site authority once. After that is accomplished, you can focus all of your energy on creating quality content.

Publish daily in order to achieve high volume and create a large website

“Publish daily.” Sounds like work, right?

It is a lot of work, especially if you force yourself to publish every single day, weekends included.

Creating a passive income online requires quite a bit of upfront work. The easiest way to own a large website is to build it yourself, one day at a time.

Each day is an opportunity. Consider the math:

* Publishing two articles per day results in 730 articles per year.
* Publishing three articles per day results in 1,095 articles per year.

Either of those are fantastic outcomes if you can maintain high quality content.

Most people balk at the idea of publishing two or more articles per day, but this is a skill that you can acquire over time. Publishing speed is a muscle that can be strengthened. As you force yourself to publish every day, you will naturally get faster at it.

My methods for success rely on having a large website that receives lots of free traffic. The quickest way to acquire such a website is to publish multiple articles every single day, and keep plugging away at it.

A year or two is not so long to purchase your freedom, is it?

What else are you going to do? Keep working a day job forever?

Promote using high quality guest posts and ignore other marketing tactics

If you take my suggestions and build a large authority website, then you must also build link juice to your website in order to receive free traffic.

Think of building authority in terms of high quality incoming links to your site.

The best way to accomplish this is to guest post on related websites in your niche.

This takes time, effort, patience, and careful networking skills. You will be rejected often and probably get discouraged very quickly with this technique.

Do it anyway. It is hard work but it pays off handsomely if you can stick with it and land a few quality guest posts.

The alternative is to build cheap manufactured links that are not very effective and are on the brink of being entirely discounted by the search engines.

Without a few quality links, manufactured links will be entirely ineffective.

You can obtain strong backlinks via guest posting by:

* Using only your absolute best content to pitch as guest posts on other websites.
* Building a relationship with another site owner before pitching the idea of a guest post.
* Keeping plugged in to current news about your niche in order to form opinions and create fresh ideas for enticing guest posts.
* Participating heavily in discussion around your topic, both in comment threads and in forums, contributing value-added and meaningful comments.

Landing a guest post can be a lot of work, and this deters most Internet marketers from really pursuing this as a link building technique. Take the time to learn this skill and you can build a strong passive income from the authority you generate.

Achieving passive income is a whole lot of work!

It may require a huge effort in order to build up passive earnings online, but in my case it has been well worth the effort.

Selling my first business has given me the freedom and cushion to be able to work on another income generating website, while also enjoying passive earnings from my investments.

While the journey requires hard work and is anything but passive, the final outcome is about a thousand times better than the typical work-spend-work routine that sucks up all of your life energy.

For example, my current finances would allow me to take an entire year off from all work, provided I lived with a roommate and practiced some basic frugality principles.

I can live more comfortably than that by pushing hard to create new businesses. Chasing passive income is both exciting and addictive!

Any questions? Please ask them in the comments, and I will be sure to respond. Thanks!

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