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“We could see the random disappearance of products and well-known brands from shelves because supply has been interrupted.”

“We won’t run out of food, but you will find that your favorite brands are sometimes in short or no supply.”

He also added:

“Individual customers should keep an eye on what’s happening, they need to wait and see what happens in the next week or two weeks, before they start making any moves.”

Brexit doomsday

The UK is only 60% self-sufficient when it comes to food, and 70% of its food imports come from the EU. Those figures tell you everything you need to know. If no trade deal is agreed before the UK’s EU exit on March 29th, it would be a disaster. Sadly, this is a very likely possibility. So, how does all this lead to you making an extra buck?

Brexit Boxes

People are often scared about food shortages when they fear a natural or political disaster, and with Brexit looming it’s no surprise that people have started stockpiling food. One canny entrepreneur has taken advantage of this, and you could too, by following his lead.

More than 600 people across Britain have bought a £295 “Brexit Box” (60 freeze-dried main meals, a water filter and fire starter) since it was launched in December, according to manufacturer Emergency Food Storage.

“Brexit could potentially be an emergency — if we believe all these predicted chaos reports,” James Blake, co-owner of Emergency Food Storage, told CNN. He continued: “We are in a situation that is completely unprecedented … something like this [the box] puts people in control when they can’t control what is going on around them.”

Create your own box

We think £295 is a bit ridiculous for a box that only provides 30 days of sustenance. Imagine what you could buy at your local supermarket for £295 if you’re savvy.

So, why not sell your own Brexit box. Head to your local supermarket and pick up goods that will last a long time – tin foods are a yes, fresh fruit is a no-no (why not try dates or dried apricots instead?).

By our calculations you could put together a top class 30 day survival package for £100. Then if you sell it for say £250, you’re more than doubling your money.

How do I sell my box? Well, it’s probably not going to be worth setting up a whole business, so try selling it around your neighbourhood and get friends and family to spread the word. You’ll be surprised by how many people will be interested. This is truly an easy way to make a killing! Plus, it might make you feel a little less depressed about the current political nightmare we’re living in.

Let us know what you’d put in your Brexit box?

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