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How To Make Money Online With Awesome Landing Pages

Make money online with killer landing pages for your site – it’s not as difficult as you may think and these simple tips can help you earn cash from your blog. Although you may think that you have to be a web designer or an internet marketing guru to make money online, but that is most certainly not the case!

One of the best ways to make some extra cash either on the side, or to make enough to quit your full-time job, is to simply set up a landing page. If you have a blog or are starting up an affiliate marketing campaign, this is definitely a “must.”

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page, which is also commonly referred to as a “squeeze” page or a “capture” page, is really any page that traffic is directed to on a website which will then try to prompt a particular action. A few different examples of landing pages include:

  • Internet traffic is directed from your blog post or a link on a sidebar to a landing page that is selling affiliate products
  • Internet traffic is sent from a link that the clicked to a page that is prompting them to purchase something
  • Internet traffic is sent from a banner advertising that they clicked to a landing page that is designed for that particular target audience (i.e. if the banner ad was about doggie daycare, it is to be assumed that whoever clicked it is looking for doggie daycare. The landing page would then be related to that)

The goal of a landing page is really to obtain personal information on whoever is coming through your site. You may ask for an email address on a landing page, or a name and an email address. Some landing pages ask for phone numbers and addresses, though people are far less likely to offer up that information. The benefit of this is that when a person who provided you their email address leaves your website, you then have the ability to contact them again. You can send them follow-up emails, daily specials, deals… you can send them whatever you choose and boost your potential sales as a result.

How To Write The Best Landing Page

The problem with a lot of landing pages out there is that the quality of the writing is lacking. There are some things that you should do when you write a landing page to ensure it is successful. First, provide a clear call to action. Whether you use hot linked text or graphic buttons doesn’t matter. The text on your page needs to tell your reader what they have to do to get in on whatever it is your landing page is about. Try to add in a call to action at least 3 times in a landing page so that you are sure that they got the message.

The headline of your landing page should also refer to where your visitor just came from. Make sure that you always write in the second person (which means using “you” and “your”) and make sure that the message is clear and persuasive. Don’t try to be clever, don’t try to be overly creative – now is not the time. Be direct, be clear, and you will have better results.

TIP: When it comes to writing your landing page, you can write your copy to be as long as you want. Just keep in mind that it should be as concise as possible and to keep it tight. As a general rule of thumb, have a longer copy when you want to sell something and close the sale, and have a shorter copy for any sort of newsletter or subscription sign-up (or something of no monetary value).

All of your most important points should be at the beginning of each paragraph, and in bullet points. Keep in mind that visitors are just skimming your page and not looking at it word for word. Having things like bullet points and white space will help you draw your customers’ eyes to exactly where you want them to be.

Oh yeah, and keep that first paragraph short. 1-2 lines is just enough to engage them rather than bore or overwhelm them.

How To Design The Best Landing Page

Not sure how to design your landing page? Not a problem. Start scoping out what your competitors are up to. Make note of what you like and what you don’t. Write it all down and start thinking about what you could use for yours. Think of any simple revisions that you may want to make.

One thing that we have to stress is that when it comes to your landing page, remove all visual clutter. This includes navigational bars and any links to other sections of your site. Your goal is to have the reader focused on your writing and your writing only. Their eyes should not be tempted to wander off to a flashing graphic in the sidebar.

On that note, any critical landing page elements should be placed in the upper 300 pixels of the page. Why? Because people want information quick and immediately. Most people who are just skimming through your site are only going to look at the top half of the page and won’t even bother to scroll down. So make sure that you get right to the point straight away without having to make any visitors do any “work.”

It’s also a good idea to use standard conventions when creating your landing page. For example, if you have any links, underline them. Allow them to be “blue,” this is what people expect. Be clear, be descriptive, and make sure that any visitor looking at the link will understand why it’s there.

Lastly, make sure your page loads quickly. Having a page that doesn’t load quickly enough will have them clicking that “x” in the upper right-hand corner faster than anything else. This means keep the graphics to a minimum and only optimize those which are essential.

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