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5 Secrets To Make Money From Home And Not Lose Focus

“Make money from home? That’s easy!” This couldn’t be further from the truth. Trying to make money from home is hard, and one of the things that often cause for people who make money from home to fail is that they lose focus.

Losing focus is a serious problem for anyone who is trying to start their own business, or who is trying to work from home. Think about it: when you go to an office, you have a boss keeping an eye on you, a cubicle that can only hold so much, your internet usage is probably monitored, and there is no television to tempt you away from your desk. There are a lot of roadblocks put up to stop you from becoming distracted when you are in an actual office. At home, however, we tend to slack off. Our home is our area of refuge, after all, but when it’s working time, one has to stay focused.

Below are the most effective tips for anyone who wants to make money from home, but who is having difficulties keeping themselves motivated.

1. Kick Distractions To The Curb

This is especially true when you are trying to make money from home. There’s the television. The radio. The kids that may be running around your home. The quick and accessible food in the kitchen that may be calling out to you. Not only that, but a lot of people think that as you make money from home, you must have all the time in the world to sit around and chat, right? One excuse that is commonly heard is, “Well, you work from home, right? Can’t you just do your job later?” But this could not even be further from the truth.

Not all of these distractions can easily be removed. No one’s going to throw out their television because they are having a hard time staying focused, and goodness knows that when you have children at home, you can’t always send them out into the backyard to play or over to a friends’ house.

In order to successfully make money from home and be able to stay focused, you really need to have a home office. A corner in the kitchen doesn’t help, nor does sitting on the couch tapping away on a laptop. You need an office with a computer, a desk, an adjustable chair, and all other necessary office supplies.

You also need to have a door with a lock so as to keep out any unwanted visitors.

Make it clear that when your door is closed, that it is closed for a reason – you’re working and cannot be distracted! If your children will need you throughout the day, set up times where you will make a point to be available to talk, just like your normal breaks at work. This is also when you should make any personal phone calls or set up any personal appointments.

2. Take Breaks

To further add to point number one, you need to take breaks. You need your two fifteen minute “coffee” breaks and at least half an hour at lunch. These breaks are integral to your success as they let you recharge your mind and refresh your thinking. Don’t be afraid to take vacations too. Allot for a minimum of 2 weeks off and set aside a percentage of each pay check for your vacation pay.

3. Write In A Journal

Writing in a journal isn’t something most people tell you to do when you try to make money online , but it is a very effective tool when it comes to keeping you on track. In the journal you should write down your goals, set up a timeline in which you can accomplish these goals, and then also write about your progress. We oftentimes forget just how well we’re doing, but having that reminder there will keep you motivated to keep at it.

You don’t have to write in your journal every day, but make a point to write in it at least weekly. Your journal doesn’t have to only be related to you trying to make money from home, either; you can mix in personal goals as well.

4. If You Change, Change For 21 Days

Making changes isn’t any fun, but if you are finding yourself easily distracted and losing focus when trying to make money from home, you know it has to happen. The problem is that most people try to change themselves and, after a week, they give up because they aren’t seeing any progress.

NEWSFLASH: Change doesn’t happen overnight! You’ve heard it before, but most people have to hear it again, and again. If you are changing anything, stick with it for a minimum of 21 days. After that period of time this new behavioral change will become more deeply engraved into your personality, and you will start performing this changed behavior without even thinking about it after a month.

Keep track of your progression with the changes not only with your journal, but with a calendar that you see regularly. Write notes. Keeping this visual reminder out in the open will help remind you and reinforce your desire to change.

5. Forget Bad Friends

As mentioned earlier, some people really don’t seem to respect the fact that in order to make money from home, there need to be limitations. If you have friends who are ringing you up at all hours during the day which should be regular office hours, or ask you out to do things from 9am to 5pm on week days, or if they make comments about how you should come hang out with them simply because your job offers potential flexibility – forget them. Friends who are less than understanding about your job demands need to be let go of. Try to surround yourself with people who have the same sort of goals and who both respect and understand exactly what it takes to make money from home.

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