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Five Key Principles You Need To Make Money In Online Marketing

This is a guest post by John Chablo. See below for the author’s brief bio.

Consider these important principles of online marketing…

1) Belief

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Can you succeed without belief? It’s all to do with your mindset, and as Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you will always be right.” So, if you go into your business venture thinking that it won’t work and will fail, it invariably will, as that is your expectation. Sometimes it may be hard to maintain your belief, particularly in the early stages of your business, as you don’t always see things happening as quickly as you might have expected, and then negative thoughts may start to creep in. This is entirely natural, and it is at this point in your journey, that you need ensure that persistence is on your side!

2) Persistence

Persistence is a great leveller, as it is an attribute that anyone can employ, whatever your intellect or capability. You really don’t need to have studied at the top universities to be able to make a great success of your business. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs and businessmen started with nothing, apart from a desire to succeed, and of course, persistence. When things get tough or you’ve been knocked back, you need persistence to pull you through. Many people may well give up at this point, but if you are truly serious about succeeding, persevere, try and try again, until you get what you want or where you want to be.

3) Right Business System

However, if you have chosen to follow a business system, you need to ensure that it is one that is not only proven to work, but that it will also give you what you need, in terms of backup and training. Remember, if you are new to internet marketing, you will need training and guidance, just like you would in any new job, so this should be one of the key elements when assessing your chosen system. If the system has already worked for lots of other people, then there should be no reason as to why it shouldn’t work for you as well.

4) The List

The List – this should be your mantra! Your list is your business, never forget this. All your marketing focus should be aimed towards building your list, as without this, the process of selling online becomes much, much harder, as you are then trying to sell to new, individual customers each time. And as all the marketing gurus will tell you, it’s much harder to find a customer than it is to retain them.

5) Relationships

But, to get a customer in the first place, they need to know and trust you. People buy from people! So, you need to be building relationships with your leads, and not bombarding them with the hard sell, to earn their trust, so that in time, they will listen to you and what you have to offer. The same rule apples for your customers, build the relationship, keep in contact, as you ideally want your customers to buy from you over and over again.

Keep these five principles close to you on your journey, and success and wealth will be virtually assured for your internet marketing business.

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John Chablo manages a website called Great Online Income

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