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The best ways to make money from home in 2019 – MoneyMagpie

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In the modern age, it’s becoming more popular than ever to make money from home. Whether or not you’re hoping to eventually work full-time on a remote basis, the following ideas should help you to at least make money from home in your spare time.



If you’re a creative individual then blogging might be the perfect avenue for you to start making some money from home. As with running a business, the best way to make money from blogging is to know your audience. Whether you monetise your blog through adverts or by seeking the help of a sponsor, you’re going to need readers and followers in order to make that happen. You won’t make money from adverts unless people visit your page, and companies won’t sponsor you unless you have a follower count that’s worthy of their investment. Make sure you know who you’re targeting. Keep your content engaging and concise. Try to find a niche so your blog stands out. Don’t just make a car blog; make a blog specificially about vintage cars from the 70s. You get the idea. This could be a nice little earner from the comfort of your home.



Even before the days of the internet, investing was one of the best ways to make money outside of a traditional work environment. And this is still the case in 2019. Obviously, trends in the market are always changing, so a smart investor continually rethinks their investments to make sure their money is in the right place and their assets are still appreciating in value. There are some investment opportunities that didn’t exist two decades ago, such as cryptocurrency investments. Of course, if you want to build your wealth in a low-risk way then consider saving it. We’re talking about more than putting it in a money jar because it won’t grow that way. You could consider an Innovative Finance ISA because that’s a tax-free way to save and invest your money. Essentially, you’d be earning returns on your investments for backing the right businesses. There are plenty of great investment opportunities out there such as this.


This is probably one of the easiest and oldest ways to make money from home. That being said, there are now more opportunities than ever to sell your old things online, thanks to the internet. If you want to maximise your profits then you just need to choose the right websites for the items you’re hoping to sell. Auctioning sites such as eBay are perfect for selling old items that might struggle to fetch a good price elsewhere; bid wars can really push up the price. Sites such as Gumtree are great for homeware; if you’re looking to declutter your household then this is a great website to choose. Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen crockery, or maybe you’re looking to upgrade your living room sofa. Whatever the case, there’ll be a market for it on there. Do some Googling because there are plenty of online apps and useful websites for selling things, whether your items are used, refurbished, or new. It’s the ideal way to make money from home in 2019.


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