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Poll Results: What Do You Buy The Most Online?

I’m finally able to share with you the poll results from our last poll, “What Do You Buy The Most Online?”

And, as you can see from the chart, according to JMMO readers, Electronics or Gadgets (phones, computers, etc) come first (22% of votes). Then, Books and Magazines come next (15%). Followed by Fashion Items (clothes, shoes, accessories, bags) (11%).

Then, there’s a tie between Digital Information Materials (ebooks, reports, etc) and Pornographic Material*, both receiving 10% of votes each.

Games* received 9% and there was also a 1% vote for Online Gaming Subscriptions*.

The next one that people buy online the most are Children’s Items (baby stuff, toys, etc) (7%), followed by Home and Garden (appliances, accessories, etc) (6%).

Then, there’s Art and Crafts (raw materials or products) (4%), Site Memberships or Subscriptions (3%), and Services (workshops, consultancies, etc) (2%).

Knowing where people like to spend money is a good way to study the online market. As online entrepreneurs, we might consider some of these options as possible business ventures.

By the way, there were 115 votes collected in this poll. Thanks again to all of you who voted!

* Reader-added options.

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