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US Government Work from Home Jobs 2019 – Work at Home Jobs Census


U.S. Government work from home jobs alert; U.S Census Bureau Work from Home JobsUS Government Work from Home Jobs – Federal Government Work from Home Jobs. US Government Work from Home Jobs alert. The U.S Census Bureau has started aggressive hiring for Work from Home People. They are Advertising and Hiring Aggressively Right Now. This is 100% U.S Federal Government Work from Home Jobs offer. In their own words, the U.S. government is “recruiting thousands of people across the country to assist with the 2020 Census count”. (see the above image as proof)

work from home jobs from us government

You will be hired by the U.S Census Bureau and You Will Be Paid by U.S Census Bureau. The U.S Census Bureau is part of the Department of Commerce, Washington DC. These are reliable U.S Federal Government Work from Home Jobs!


Right now, you can use the job application link at the end of this blog post to apply for these U.S. government work from home jobs

Here’s the reason why they are aggressively hiring: According to Wikipedia, the U.S Census Bureau has been given $7.2 billion to conduct the 2020 U.S national POPULATION CENSUS in all 50 states and more.

You may have seen the upcoming census in the news. (please see our affiliate disclosure below)

Right now, 2020 is almost here but it appears they are not getting all the workers they need. So the U.S Census Bureau themselves are aggressively advertising to recruit remote, work from home people. But these US government work from home jobs will not last forever.  Work at home opportunities get taken very fast..


It’s VERY RARE for the U.S Government to advertise like this! Bottomline: They really, really, really need new work from home people! So you stand a good chance of getting hired if you apply.

This job is 80% to 95% Work from Home. Very limited travel and field trip may be involved, but still you pretty much control your schedule and transportation.

You can make as much as $23 per hour, PLUS GREAT BENEFITS. Remote jobs that pay well like this are hard to find.




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US Government Work from Home Jobs: They will not pay you $10 an hour to work from home. Nope. They will not even pay you $11 an hour. Nyet. No Sir. No Ma’am.

Instead, the U.S Government wants to pay you as much as $23 an hour to work from home.

So why does Uncle Sam want to pay you up to $23 an hour to work from home?

The answer is that the U.S Government wants you for the 2020 Census. The last census was in 2010 and it was a huge operation with a total budget of $7.2 billion, according to Wikipedia.

The 2020 Census will be an even bigger operation; that’s why the U.S Census Bureau is hiring across the entire United States in preparation for the 2020 national census designed to count more than 326 million Americans. This is one of the biggest opportunities to land US government work from home jobs.


As you can see in their recruitment bulletin below, they are willing to pay you as much as $23 to work from home (see the red arrows below).

Of course, pay rates may differ from state to state and even city to city, but according to, the hourly range for a field representative of the Census Bureau is between $15 to $23, with the average being $15.38 per hour.



us census work from home jobs


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This is What You Will Do

Actual details will be provided upon hiring. However, according to the Census Bureau, “the local field workers know their communities best, and are the instrumental in conducting surveys with residents on a variety of topics. Field interviewers work out of their home and are reimbursed for mileage”.

  • Your job title will be Field Representative and will generally work according to your own flexible schedule
  • You will be required to work from the comfort of your own home ( Yes!!!)
  • Some of your work will be based on the field.
  • Part of your work may also involve internet and or phone-based surveys (The U.S Census Bureau tested their  internet survey systems in 2017 and may roll it out for the 2020 census.)

This is What You May Need

  • You may need a car or some other form of transportation you are comfortable with
  • Also required are excellent customer service or interview skills ( good people skills, if you like)
  • A computer, internet access and phone may be needed
  • Other requirements may be disclosed upon hiring


And These Are Your Benefits

Full details may be disclosed upon hiring. However, depending on where you will be hired, hourly rate will range from $15 to $23 or more. It will be up to you to negotiate hard.

As with most US government work from home jobs, you will receive full benefits the position deserves.




Apply NOW!

Here’s how to apply;

  1.  Click here to go to the Census Bureau career page
  2. Look for the drop down arrow that says “Select a Geography”
  3. Click on the black drop down arrow and select your state.
  4. Then follow all prompts and instructions accordingly.







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( Sources:  How We Make Money Online, US Census Bureau, Wikipedia and )






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