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Palm Beach Confidential Review

Teeka has been known to giving out the most absurd of crypto predictions which have actually gone on to make news in the future. In this Palm Beach Confidential review, we shall be talking about some of the best predictions made by Teeka Tiwari. Read on to find out more!

If you are a person who has been avidly following Teeka over the past one year, you would now be enjoying about 37,000 % profit by investing in Coin A.

Teeka had suggested everyone invest in Coin A all the way back in February of 2017 and within space of a few months, the value of Coin A skyrocket thereby turning everyone’s meager investments to huge profits. Coin A recorded a stupendous growth of over 37,000 %. The Palm Beach Confidential price of the token was USD 0.147 per token as early as February 16, 2017, and within just 3-4 months, Teeka predicted that 6th price would go up to USD 49 per unit and that’s just what happened. 

In this Palm Beach Confidential review, we will introduce you to another superb prediction made by Teeka. On 14thAugust 2017, Teeka recommended everyone to heavily invest in the cryptocurrency called as AAA. During the time of his recommendation, the price was at about USD 27.57 per unit and by the end of October of the same year, the price flew all the way up to USD 33.33. This was an increase of about 26% which could be a tidy short term profit solution and could also be treated as a very long-term investment option as well.


Some of Teeka’s furthermore predictions were that of BBB, CCC, and DDD. Based on Teeka’s prediction on BBB, the cryptocurrency has gone on to grow more than 3139 % ever since. The same goes for CCC and DD as well who have now recorded superb growths of close to about 904 % and 1003 % respectively over the few months from his prediction.

However, of all of Teeka’s crypt currency predictions till date, the one which certainly stands out is his recommendation on Ethereum. He correctly predicted that the Crypto giant would skyrocket in 2017 and it rightly happened so.

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