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Proofreading Jobs from Home 2019 – How I Made $14,000 Proofreading

Caitlin Pyle, founder of Proofread Anywhere is giving you $50 discount to celebrate America’s 4th of July Independence Day. Use discount code FREEDOM to claim your $50 discount.
And she works from home in Florida. If you really want to work from home, Caitlin is the best person to learn from!

On America’s independence day, this could be the beginning of great things.


This is an inspiring story of how one woman made $14,000 from proofreading in the comfort of her own home. “Mrs. C”, as we prefer to call her, made enough money so that she felt comfortable enough to quit her 9 to 5 day job and became a full-time work from home proofreader, working from the comfort of her own home.

Like Mrs. C, thousands of people have found great success and made extra money by learning how to become a work from home proofreader. In this post, we will provide all the information you need to become a home-based proofreader and make extra money.

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Below are the full details of Mrs. C’s work from home success story. We will also provide all the information you need to become a home-based proofreader and make extra money.

Here’s part of her story as told to Caitlin Pyle on the website;

“I began proofreading transcripts in March. As of January the following year, I had billed $14,800 for proofreading. That’s 73 percent of the income from my full-time job over the same span. In my last two months before leaving my day job, I matched (and slightly exceeded!) my full-time salary each month. And except for the last two weeks of the year, this is just from working on my nights and weekends”.

Proofreading jobs and online editing are fast becoming one of the most popular work from home jobs. Popular blog Work from Home Happiness also wrote an awesome post on that. For those who really want to live the work from home lifestyle, it is easy to understand;

  1. You get to proofread and make money from the comfort of your own home.
  2. You can work from home or work anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the internet.
  3. It’s stress-free! Nobody, or no supervisor is breathing down your neck … lol
  4. Proofreading Jobs from Home are very flexible – you have enough time to live life on your own terms!

No wonder, proofreading courses are selling like hot cakes right now. On Pinterest and Facebook, proofreading is becoming so hot.


This woman made $14,000 proofreading from home. It’s such an inspiring story for those of us who want to make money from home. Many of us can pull this off too.

The reality is that many people have a lot of extra time on their hands. Like stay-at-home moms. Many stay-at-home moms sometimes get bored at home. So why not kill this boredom and make extra money at the same time?

The answer? Proofreading jobs from home. Proofreading jobs from home can help you to make extra money with your extra time, and also turn your passion for reading into extra income.

This is exactly what Mrs. C did. Thankfully, it worked for her, and she made $14,000.

Proofreading Jobs from Home – What does a Proofreader do?

As explains, the job of Proofreaders is to check documents for simple and complex errors. Proofreading issues such as Spelling mistakes and grammar errors cannot be in an article when it goes out for publication in this ultra-competitive world.

All kinds of errors can impact the integrity of a publication. As grammatical gatekeepers, Proofreaders are the members of the publishing team that make sure that documents look and read their best before they are sent to print an ultimately read by valued readers.

Proofreading Jobs from Home – Can I Make Money as a Proofreader?

Yes, of course. You can surely make a lot of money as a proofreader from the comfort of your own home, or from the beach, from example.

According to and, office-based, or “employed” proofreaders can make as much as $63,000 per year., with the median income around $50,000.

The real kicker here is that, if you are an independent or home-based proofreader, you stand a good chance of making more money especially if you have good clients who love your work. You can make as much as you can, or make as much as you’re happy with. The freedom to work from home or work anywhere is, in itself, priceless!

Proofreading Jobs from Home – Who Can Make Money as a Proofreader from Home?

The truth is that almost all of us can make money as independent proofreaders. Surprise, surprise. On the surface, the initial thinking is that only “college professor” types can make money as proofreaders. No way. In reality, and here’s the kicker, all of us can make money as proofreaders if we put our minds to it. Here’s why;

  • People with higher degrees can obviously do well as proofreaders due to their wide reading and exposure.
  • Passionate readers can become great proofreaders too. There are people who barely made it through high school, and yet they are voracious readers.
  • People who pay attention to detail can also become great proofreaders. As Caitlin Pyle brilliantly put it, they have “eagle eyes” to spot grammar errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Well-organized people by nature also have the potential to become great proofreaders
  • Anybody can take the proofreading course. Yes, regardless of our your background, you can make money as a proofreader if you take Caitlin Pyle’s course. You will find a step-by-step guide here to get started. Click here to get started.

Even Wikipedia agrees that proofreaders DO NOT necessarily require a big degree.”Typesetters, graphic artists, and word processors rarely need to have a college degree, and a perusal of online job listings for proofreaders will show that although listings may specify a degree for proofreaders, many do not …..In contrast, printers, publishers, advertising agencies and law firms tend not to specifically require a degree”


Proofreading Jobs from Home – What Can I do Now to Get Started?

So relax; as long as you have a passion for proofreading, you can work from home as a proofreader and make extra money online. You will find a step-by-step guide here to get started.

Like the above inspiring story of Mrs. C, you can take bold steps to become an independent, home-based proofreader. For sure, Proofreading Jobs from Home can open the door to the lifestyle of your dreams.


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