Has anyone ever told you that you have a great voice? Even if they haven’t, you can still make money at home by pursuing voice-over acting jobs.

Voice-over acting can be an exciting and flexible career. Typically, your voice may be used for commercials, cartoon shows, video games, and more. Voice-over actors can also narrate audiobooks, do dubbed voice-overs to translate another language, or even work on radio promos.

If this sounds like a field you’d love to get into, there are plenty of places to find work-from-home voice over jobs once you start growing and marketing your skills.

How to Start Voice-Over Acting – What You Need

Whether you feel you have a natural talent or not, getting voice-over training is still a great idea. You may want to hire a voice-over coach or take a course so you can learn how to take good care of your voice, audition for roles, and perform well for samples you record.

Training and practicing will help you build your portfolio and get ready for paying work opportunities.

7 Places to Find Voice Over Acting JobsEquipment

To get started with voice over acting, you’ll need some basic equipment like:

Business Plan

If you want to be successful with voice-over acting, consider developing a basic business plan to help you determine who your ideal client is, what specific services you’ll offer, and how much you’ll charge.

Consider checking out the Work From Home Doing Voice-Overs online program to help you get the training and business guidance needed to thrive in the industry. This course contains 26 videos and 14 PDFs, teaching you everything from the best voice over recording tips to the skills you need, where to find work, and also how to organize and grow your business.

If you’re an aspiring audiobook narrator, you can also check out this Free Mini-Course to help you learn more about becoming a voice-over actor and how much you can make.

How Much Can You Make as a Voice-Over Actor?

Speaking of compensation, how much you earn as a voice-over actor depends on your skill set, the type of work you do, and who you work for.

On average, voice-over actors make around $17.50 per hour. Some jobs will pay hourly for recording work, while others will pay a flat fee. This means you can earn anywhere from $20 to hundreds per project you take on. If you get an ongoing client, you can even use a monthly retainer fee if you’ll be completing similar tasks each week.

Where to Find Paying Voice-Over Acting Jobs

1. Backstage

Backstage is a popular talent database for actors and performers that has been around since the 1960s. Casting calls and job leads are also posted here for voice over actors. Each listing specifies the type of work, how much experience is required, and where the job is located.

You can become a Backstage member for an annual fee to get instant job alerts and to set up a talent profile on the site so prospects can reach out to you.

2. Voices.com

Voices is an online marketplace for voice-over acting work. Clients who have voice-over acting opportunities post a job on the site, select a voice actor on the platform to do the work, and then download the completed files at the end of the process.

To get hired on this site, become a member, and create a portfolio for free. The free membership is great for beginners and is where you’ll want to start to see how you like the platform and which jobs you can get. However, there’s also a paid membership for $499 (annually) that allows you to audition for roles and appear in more client searches.

3. VoiceBunny

Similar to Voices.com, VoiceBunny helps you connect with paying clients who need voice-over work. This site works with thousands of clients all over the world. You can sign up for free and set your own rates. Voice Bunny will add their fee on top of your rates and provide you with all the support and feedback you need.

You do need to pass an initial test to join, which will be reviewed by the in-house quality control team. This is where voice over training and practice will come in handy.

You’ll receive invitations via email to apply for opportunities that fit the skillset you outlined in your profile. Jobs go fast, so it’s advised that you are proactive and meet deadlines to see the best results. VoiceBunny will process your payment once you submit the voice over files for the project and they are approved by the quality control team.

4. VoiceJockeys

VoiceJockeys is always looking for talented voice-over actors to join their team. VoiceJockeys helps clients find you and book you for work. They do take a 50% commission on all work that you receive and complete from their platform.

However, this is still a great place to start getting some paid portfolio work completed. When applying for a talent position, you need to submit two demos. Once your application is submitted, a representative will contact you within 24 hours. The timeframe may be longer if you apply on the weekend, but be sure to follow up regardless if you don’t hear anything at first.

Fiverr is a great place to start finding voice over acting jobs. You can build a profile and then set your rates and packages. Be sure to record some demos of you doing voice-over work so prospects can get a feel for what results you offer.

Fiverr is all about getting positive reviews and high ratings. You may want to offer a reasonable discount when you first get started to help you land work and get good ratings. Then, you can always bump up your rates as your Fiverr business grows.

6. Bodalgo

Bodalgo is another platform that connects you with paying voice-over clients. You can become a member and audition for jobs posted on the site by sending a sample of the script to the client. From there, you can negotiate a rate with the client based on the work and their budget.

7. Local Businesses

Don’t forget – you can always contact businesses in your area to see if they are looking to hire a voice-over actor. Research businesses that may need your service or if any have worked with voice over talent in the past.

Drop by or send a pitch detailing which services you specialize in, how you can help them, and a few samples of your work. You can offer to do voice-over work for their videos, marketing, or even turning written content and guides into audio files. It never hurts to ask and build relationships. Even if they’re working with a talent agency, you may be easier to partner with and provide better rates.

Plus, when you land one client (even if it’s for a one-off project), you’ll gain a testimonial and the opportunity for a referral.

7 Places to Find Voice Over Acting Jobs


If you enjoy speaking and want to utilize some new skills, voice-over acting can be a great career field to get into. You can land paying work without using a talent agency and even set your own pay for some projects.

It’s best to invest in training or courses initially so you can get in practice and record some demos. From there, look into the many different sites shared above to connect with paying clients.

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