Adam Waldman, Depp’s attorney said in a statement, “These are the facts: Amber Heard confessed under oath to multiple violent attacks on Johnny Depp. We have 31 (and counting) eyewitnesses, surveillance footage, and photographs that disprove her absurd hoax. She was arrested and incarcerated for violent domestic abuse against her former wife. And we have interviewed other victims of brutal violence at the hands of Amber Heard.”

He continued, “She responds to these facts by (a) never responding to these facts; (b) repeatedly refusing to sit for her deposition; (c) hiring Harvey Weinstein’s #TimesUp lawyers to replicate Harvey Weinstein’s victim-smearing tactics.”

In response to the alleged payments, Waldman says, “This is the truth: good people have come forward to set the record straight on the violent injustices and hoax perpetrated by Amber Heard. Today, Amber Heard and Harvey Weinstein’s #TimesUp lawyers have a new gambit – suggest the dozens of witnesses who have come forward, many of whom have never even met Mr. Depp, are all somehow paid off by Mr. Depp! In the alternative universe of Harvey Weinstein and #TimesUp’s lawyers, they don’t seem to get that most people are good, and the truth is free.”

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