Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett summarily dismissed the House Democrats’ bribery accusations against President Donald Trump for attempting to solicit investigations of Democrats in exchange for $391 million in military aid, saying: “Bribery is what members of Congress do every day… If we’re going to call it bribery, then everybody is guilty.”

Speaking with Fox Business host Charles Payne, Jarrett continued in his role as one of the president’s most unabashed defenders. First, he deployed a “blame-the-messenger” strategy to shield Trump from charges that his Twitter attack on former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, while she was testifying to Congress on Friday, constituted witness intimidation.

Adam Schiff created the witness intimidation by reading the tweet,” Jarrett said. “Defending yourself publicly in a tweet against false accusations is not witness intimidation. It is clearly defined in the law and this ain’t it.”

Then, Jarrett moved on to attack the impeachment hearings by asserting that Democrats have changed their messaging from “quid pro quo” to “bribery,” pointing out that those two terms have the same meaning. Which is the exact argument that House Democrats are making.

Finally, the Fox News legal analyst tried to claim that, in effect, all politicians who take campaign donations should be considered guilty of breaking the law if Trump trading investigations for aid with Ukraine was illegal.

“You know, bribery is what members of Congress do every day,” Jarrett boldly claimed. “They take all kinds of money from interest groups. In exchange for that, end up voting in favor of those interest groups. If we’re going to call it bribery, then everybody is guilty.”

Jarrett has previously expressed little concern for the influence of campaign cash on US politics, brushing off the campaign finance convictions of Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, saying “this really isn’t a campaign violation, and it’s certainly not criminal” and likewise claiming “you can collude all you want with a foreign government in an election,”

Watch the video above, via Fox Business Network.

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