More on InstaReM: what’s so great about it? 

InstaReM, otherwise known as Instant Remittance, is a specialist IMT service that lets you send money in more than 20 different currencies. Its headquarters are in Singapore, but it also has offices around the world, including in Asia, the UK, USA and Australia. 

According to a recent report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), InstaREM is “one of the most cost-effective money transfer service providers in Australia”, with exchange rates that beat the big banks. The report revealed that it’s the cheapest IMT service provider in Australia to send US$200 overseas, and the second cheapest, after Transferwise, to send US$7,000 overseas. 

Besides competitive pricing, InstaReM also offers fast transfers, taking typically 1-2 business days to finish. 

So if you’re sending cash last minute, you can be reassured that you won’t be waiting around for too long before your gift arrives inside the bank account of your loved one. 

Interested in seeing how InstaReM stacks up against other IMT providers? Head over to our international money transfer comparison page to get started on comparing today! 

*Figures as of 3:20pm, 2 December 2019 

^The retail margin or mark-up is the difference between the exchange rate that your bank or FX provider buys a currency at, and the exchange rate they sell it to you for. 

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