Singer-lyricist-composer Rahul Prajapati, who released Tu Mera Kyu Nahi, speaks with SHALINI SAKSENA about his journey and future projects

How did you become a musician?

After completing my Class XII, I joined engineering. But I quit. I had been wrting since I was in Class X. I learnt how to play the guitar. I started uploading my music that is how it began. my parents were not very happy when I quit.

Why did you join engineering and then quit?

It was a decision that I took on my own. Once I had decided, I stuck to it. I had decided to make music my profession. I slowly started putting my music; people started contacting me. I started making contacts. I made covers. People liked my work. labels contacted me. From there, I launched my original songs.

What is your track Tu Mera Kyu Nahi about?

It is a sad song. I like songs that are slow with a melody. I don’t like songs that are too urban  or have a hip-hop tone to it. I wrote, composed and sung it. I uploaded the song on Kundra Entertainment. Back then I had only uploaded the audio. Then I was approached by a label. From there, the video will happen in the next couple of months.

Are you a poet, lyricist, composer or a singer?

I call myself a complete package. I am an artist. I want people to know me as a prson who plays, composes, writes and even sings.

You have composed a song for another singer. Is it tough?

It is easy when I compose music for my songs. I know what I am looking at. But when one is making a composition for another, one has to keep his guidelines and demand in mind. One has to strcuture one works keeps those in mind. While it may sometime be tough, it is a challlenge that I love to take up.

Does this hamper your creativity?

I have just started my professional career in this field. I am looking at as many opportunities that I can get. I want to prove my talent. It is good t o get different kind of work. Sometimes, it feels I could have done it differently but then, working for someone else and work on different genres gives an exposure. It is a chllange. My work is to give my best. The rest is up to the audience.

Was it tough to get a break?

Yes. I didn’t know anybody. But Istarted uploading music on YouTube. I got in touch with Kundra Entertainment. Made covers for them. That is how it all began.

Can the industry do something to give a break to artists like yourself?

Yes and no. But the digital platform like YouTube has given opportunities to artists to upload their music and get noticed.

What does success mean to you?

Making money is important. I want to keep my family happy. I want people to like the kind of work that I am doing and whenhe is on stage, for the audience to sing with him.

What next?

I am all set to release my single for T-Series. I have not done any song for Bollywood. There is a difference for working for Bollywood and doing indie space. In Bollywood, one has to deliver according to the director’s vision. In indie space one can do what one likes.

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