Apps That Pay Cash via PayPalAre you looking for ways to increase your cash flow? How about making money while doing the things you love on your terms? Enter: Dozens upon dozens of apps for your smartphone that pay you cash through PayPal!

Whether you rock the corporate world, work-from-home, are a stay-at-home mama, or any combination of the three, you’re probably keeping a keen eye out for simple ways to increase those sources of income. I mean, who wouldn’t like an extra $30, $40, or $100 bucks every week (or more!) in their PayPal accounts?

Plus, throw in the ease of using PayPal itself, and you’ve got a match made in money-making heaven.

When looking for money-making apps, I know I want something simple, quick, and fun (if possible). After researching, we’ve found those apps that will put money directly into your PayPal account for just about everything. Shopping for clothes: I’m getting paid. Buying groceries: I’m getting paid. Sitting at the airport waiting for my flight: I’m getting paid. Watching a movie: (yep) I’m getting paid!

Sound amazing? It is! Too good to be true—guess again!

Check out this list of amazing apps that you can use to turn your phone into your personal money-making tree and start earning real money via PayPal today.

Get Paid to Watch Videos, Take Surveys, and More

1. Swagbucks 

Get paid to do the things you love right from your phone. Share your opinion by taking a variety of surveys, watch movie trailers, and even explore coupons and cashback offers so you can get paid from top stores. With Swagbucks, you earn points in the form of SB (Swagbucks) that you easily redeem for PayPal cash or gift cards if you prefer. Another Swagbucks perk: Grab $5 as a new user!

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2. GiftLoop

Want to make money while on the couch? Giftloop is another must-have app for your smartphone! Earn cash via PayPal payments simply by completing surveys, watching fun videos, playing games, trying new apps, and checking your phone.

This app is available only for Android devices currently—keep checking back!

3. SurveyJunkie

Get paid to take surveys that help brands improve their products and services with Survey Junkie. Earn virtual points for every survey you complete and trade them in for cash straight to your Paypal account.

4. MooCash

This app gives you a little bit of everything. MooCash features both cashback opportunities at online stores as well as the ability to complete “gigs” like reviewing on products or surveys. They even payout for sharing apps, games, and referrals to friends! The payout on MooCash is in the form of coins that are redeemed in for PayPal cash.

One con is that the download process is not as straightforward as some of the other apps on this list. Follow directions provided for Android devices. The iOS link didn’t appear to work. You can always check back on their main website.

5. Apperwall

Do you love apps? How about an app that pays you to review other apps? Apperwall is another simple way to earn PayPal cash. Download Android apps and review them. Most reviews take only a few minutes, and after your review passes through moderation, you’ll be able to access your PayPal cash. Simple and fun!

6. Slicethepie

If you love music, fashion, accessories, and commercials, Slicethepie is your app! You’ll get paid for writing your review on these items before they’re released to the general public.

Reviews are directed to unsigned artists, fashion designers, musicians, etc. to provide feedback. You’ll need to register and decide what category you would like to review before getting started.

App users have complained that you need to make sure you have your “location section” turned on for the app to work correctly.

7. CashPirate

CashPirate pays you for downloading apps, taking surveys, and watching videos. Earn coins for tasks you complete, which can be turned into cash and deposited straight into your PayPal account.

8. iPoll

This app is an online and mobile community where you’re paid to answer questions about the products and services you use every day.

Get paid via PayPal for your opinion on everything from grocery stores to car dealerships and more!

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Earn Cashback for the Shopping You Already Do 

9. Ebates (now Rakuten) 

Rakuten has quickly become a favorite in the cashback app world. It’s one that I love for sure! To date, I’ve earned almost $300 cashback just from shopping at the stores where I normally would anyway.

I love this app in particular because of its browser extension for my laptop as well. I never miss coupons or cashback opportunities anymore.

They not only give you cashback for shopping, but they have specific store coupons and a referral program. Refer a friend, and get $25 extra in the bank; that’s what I call amazing!
Here’s a brief overview of how it works:

  1. Download the app onto your phone and pop it on your desktop. This makes it easier to remember when you’re shopping!
  2. Select one of the stores where you shop. Rakuten is partnered with pretty much EVERYONE—I hardly run into a store that’s not on there.
  3. Shop like you normally would place your order, and Rakuten automatically sends cashback to your account.
  4. Choose how you want your money: PayPal or via check.

Simple and effective: the cashback adds up fast! It really is that streamlined and is one of my personal favorites.

10. Dosh

After reading about this app last month, I’m officially hooked. The Dosh app is another insanely simple way to earn cash for things you already do.

Here’s how this app works:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Link your bank cards.
  3. Pay with your linked cards when you shop or eat out, and get up to 10% back in CASH into your Dosh Wallet.
  4. You can refer friends for an additional $5 bonus each.
  5. Transfer your Dosh Cash right into your PayPal account.

It’s that simple!

11. Shopkick

Shopkick is another excellent app where you get paid to shop. When you use the Shopkick app, you earn kicks (points), which can be traded in for gift cards to popular stores or cash via PayPal (2,550 kicks = $10)! The jobs are super simple; some don’t require that you go to a store at all.

There are seven different ways you can earn points (kicks) with Shopkick!

  • Earn points by merely walking into participating stores.
  • Scan barcodes of select products.
  • Purchase and submit a receipt.
  • Purchase with a linked card.
  • Make online purchases.
  • Watch videos.
  • Refer your friends

12. Qmee

This app offers shoppers the ability to search, earn, and save through a personalized experience that connects them with the brands they love. Shop online for what you want, secure discounts, and earn cash. Qmee also offers surveys, and you can make extra money by referring your friends.

13. TopCashBack

When you buy online from a specific retailer featured in TopCashBack, the retailer passes on a commission that you’ll cash in on!

Membership is free, and you will usually get cashback in about seven days at which point you can withdraw and put directly into your PayPal account.

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Apps That Pay Cash via PayPal

Get Paid to Sell Your Stuff

14. Tradsey

Post your authentic, designer clothing to sell right from your closet using the Tradsey app. 

This selling app not only makes the selling process easier (right from your phone), but after you make a sale, Tradsey sends you a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping kit, complete with beautiful packaging.

You can sell shoes, clothing, bags, and accessories, from brand names you like and know. The Tradsey app even helps you with your photography by enhancing your image to make it look remarkable.

15. Decluttr

If you want a fast way to sell your used items and earn cash, then the Decluttr app is for you.

Decluttr doesn’t require that you take pictures or include descriptions to sell your items. Instead, they ask their sellers to key in item barcodes, and the rest is up to Decluttr! They’ll send you a price quote for your items, and after you agree, you ship it to them for FREE. You’ll get your cash in your PayPal account the next day.

16. Bookscouter

Do you have old books you want to get rid of? When I graduated from college, I held on to those pricey books for as long as I thought I should. Seasons later, when the books were taking up more space than we had, I knew I needed to do something with them.

Bookscouter has the solution! This awesome app searches a variety of venders to determine the best price for your used books. Here’s a little summary on how this app works:

  • Submit the ISBN of the book on the Bookscouter app.
  • Bookscouter quickly searches numerous sites for you.
  • It then displays the price results from those sites so you can see a range of offers and determine which one is best for you.

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Get Paid for Your Store Receipts

17. Ibotta

Are you ready to earn cashback on everyday purchases? Ibotta is a widely popular app that pays cash for scanning your receipts and more. Here’s how to earn money using the Ibotta app:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Add in the offers.
  3. Shop at your favorite stores.
  4. Upload a photo of your receipt.
  5. Get cash within 24 hours of your purchase!

Other ways to earn with the Ibotta app:

  • Link a Loyalty account—save on groceries automatically by connecting your loyalty card.
  • Shop online at retailer websites and earn cashback.

18. Receipt Hog

The Receipt Hog App has made it even easier to earn PayPal cash. With this app, you can shop anywhere, snap pictures of your receipts, and get paid.

You can also earn money by going to the “Hog Slots,” taking paid surveys, and getting “coins” to redeem for gift cards and cash. There are so many ways to earn with this app!

19. BerryCart

Get paid to eat healthily! This app rewards you almost instantly (within 24 hours) with cash to your Paypal account. Choose to eat natural, organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO foods and get paid. Here’s how it works:

  • Find Deals on the best organic, gluten-free, or Non-GMO foods.
  • Learn about different products and brands.
  • After you buy the product, take a picture of the receipt, and unlock a one-time rebate that you can redeem.

Make Money Taking Pictures

Do you love to take pics with your smartphone? Why not earn money via PayPal instantly while doing what you love? Here are two amazing apps that allow you to do just that!  

20. Stockimo

Stockimo is a photo app that uses the Alamy stock photo agency to sell your beautiful stock photos online.

The average price on Alamy for stock photos usually runs around $90. Get on the app, start snapping pictures, and get paid today! 

The app alerts you once a sale has been made. 

The Stockimo App is currently available only on iPhones, but Android users, keep checking back.

21. Shutterstock 

If you have high-quality photos on your phone, then Shutterstock is for you. Start selling and earning on one of the most popular stock photo sites out there. Payouts to PayPal occur about twice a month which is fantastic considering you’re getting paid for taking pictures of things you love.

22. Foap

Foap is another app that pays for your pictures or videos. Upload your best pics into your Foap photo collection and sell it to well-known brands all over the world. Here’s a snippet on how it works:

  • Foap sells your videos and pictures online to brands, agencies, and individuals.
  • When your work is purchased, Foap shares the profit with you 50/50.

Big Money, Small Tasks with These Apps

Want to get paid while you’re already out? These small task apps make it easy to score cash while you’re out and about!

23. Field Agent

If you love to shop in stores, this app is for you. Field Agent is an awesome app where you can use your smartphone to collect photos, videos, and information from stores.

Stores will then use the information you provide to serve their customers better and enhance their overall experience. Become an “undercover” store reviewer and help stores and their customers – all while making money! Use your iPhone or Android device to become a field agent and earn cash with this app.

24. EasyShift

EasyShift is easy as the name implies! Get paid via PayPal to shop and eat just about anywhere with this app. Here’s how:

  • Find quick jobs at stores and shops.
  • Take pictures of products, check prices, and review promotions.
  • Payments are quick (about a 48-hour turnaround) and automatic via PayPal.

25. Gigwalk

Gigwalk allows you to complete “gigs” (short tasks) in and around your neighborhood by choosing the gigs you want to do. 

The other day, I installed this app on my phone and made money that same day. I was out shopping at a popular store when I decided to check the app. I accepted the job, took a few pics of a pressure cooker, and scored an easy $6. Not bad for five minutes of my time!

One thing to note about Gigwalk: Payment to PayPal can take over a week or more after your job is approved. On the upside, Gigwalk makes it easy to earn money on your terms which is a huge draw for many people.

26. Clickworker

Clickworker is another small task app that allows you to work independently, accepting tasks either offline or online. There are a variety of jobs you can choose from on Clickworker, which makes this small task app appealing. Some job categories you can select as a Clickworker are:

  • Mystery Photographers
  • Audio and Video Jobs
  • App testing
  • Data Categorization
  • Creation of Texts
  • Copy Editing
  • Surveys
  • Proofreading
  • Web Research

Quick Tip When It Comes to Apps: Research, Research, Research 

Many of the apps out there are fabulous for easily making extra money. The ability to monetize your day-to-day life is becoming second nature for many of us, and it’s phenomenal.

However, as great as it is, you need to remember to always do your due diligence! While we’ve combed through the apps listed above, you should always make sure you personally check out their credentials before signing up. Even though many of the cashback and money-making apps are entirely legit, there are scams out there that you need to be aware of.


All in all, these apps are a fun and simple way to earn money by completing short tasks while you’re out and about or by clicking your phone while couch-bound. Check out a few of these ways (or all of them) to earn money with your smartphone and let us know when you do. We’d love to hear about your success with these apps that pay via PayPal!

Do you already have a favorite money-making app that you’d like to share with us or have a question about the apps we’ve posted? Drop us a line below, and we’ll get right back to you!

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