To be successful in any industry hard work, positive relationships and a willingness to learn is a must. However, it often takes more than that to be successful in the specific industries and the home services industries, like HVAC, pest control, plumbing, cleaning services, and more, are a great example of this.

Women, for instance, have consistently dominated health, education, recruitment, and customer service industries. This is due to the fact that these industries have allowed women to show that they can lead through clear communication, openness to innovate and can manage a team effectively.

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Now, women are looking to new industries and
roles traditionally held by men. Which home services industries have the most
female representation and what advice do these industry leaders have for new
generations of workers?

Industries with Strong Female

After six years in the business, Housecall Pro has compiled data from tens of thousands of past and current users to discover the true representation of female employees and business owners in the home services industries.

21% of Pest Control Employees are

The pest control industry is expected to
generate $17.4 billion dollars in 2023 and is very
important for the health, safety, and comfort of people worldwide. While this
is not considered a popular profession for women, the numbers are telling
another story and are expected to increase as the industry booms in the coming

20% Of Employees in General
Contracting are Women

General contracting or construction is an
industry women are not expected to play a large role in and is another major
contributor to the U.S. economy. However, over the past few years, women have
been making a stand for more representation. The hashtag, #MoveOverBob gained
enough traction on social media to have its own website and is now a movement
to increase educational opportunities for women within the construction

20% of Plumbing Businesses are
Run By Women

The plumbing industry is worth $110 billion
dollars and Housecall Pro has found that 20% of the plumbing business of its
past and current users are owned by women. This could be a response to the rise
of modern advancements, like social media, within the industry. Women are
finding ways to thrive in an industry that is traditionally more difficult to
break into unless you have a specific skill set or look. 

Why More Women in the Workforce
is Important

Why does female representation matter? Why is
having more women in the workforce important? While there is a lot to unpack
with that question. It all boils down to how when more women are in the
workforce, the entire economy benefits.

The empowerment of women to join the workforce
has been found to boost productivity, increase economic diversity, and increase
income equality which leads to faster economic growth for a company and a

Increased opportunities for women as employees and leaders, also improve organizational effectiveness.

This is why the representation of women in the
home services industries, industries known to have mostly male representation
is exciting.

Tips to Succeed in the Home
Services Industry

But how do you break into the home services industries? Housecall Pro asked their group of Lady Pros for their advice and their tips can be condensed into three top tips.

  1. Clearly Communicate
  2. Expand Your Skills
  3. Take Risks

By following these three tips, along with hard
work and dedication, anyone can succeed in these industries.

If you would like to learn more about female representation in the home service industries, the industry as a whole and more tips for success, see the infographic from Housecall Pro’s gender study below.

Housecall Pro Gender Study

About the author: Cassidy Gallman has a passion for entrepreneurship and creating content that solves problems. You can often find her reading non-fiction, listening to acoustic hits, and walking her dog. See her as a frequent contributor to small business content on Housecall Pro.

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