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I’m more than happy to answer your basic inquiries about working from home pros and cons! Nonetheless, I do tend to obtain repeat e-mails asking the same points, so I’ve connected a few of the details you might require below to perhaps save you an e-mail:

Because of time constraints,

I am not able to supply in-depth and continuous assistance, mentoring/coaching solutions, or review your resume to locate you a work.


I more than happy to provide you general response to your work at home questions, as time permits. hopefully I can get you in the best direction  so you can discover the ideal chance on your own working from home pros and cons.

e-mails per week

I do get a large number of e-mails per week, so understand it might take me a number of days to get back to you.

And also while I do the very best I can,

some emails slide through the splits and go unanswered. Do not hesitate to email again if you don’t get a e-mail from me within a week.