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“Never depend on a single income.” — Warren Buffet

Anything Is Possible

Good or bad, you may find yourself directly in the middle, fighting to find your groove in the midst of all the chaos. And that can go either way at any given time, regardless of your enormous potential.

It’s the Smart Way

Having multiple streams of income reduces the stress of depending on once source.

But what if, instead of receiving from that one source, you opened the doors to earn the same amount (or more) doing multiple things at once — things you already do in your free time without getting paid anything?

For instance, you probably already own a dslr camera with a decent lens. You’ve been watching tutorials on how to use it, but you haven’t really taken it serious enough to do photography as another source of income.

Then vs Now

Years ago, I thought multiple streams of income was all about having 2 to 3 different jobs at one time. I had two part-time jobs, working one directly after the other.

The Point

Simply put, there really aren’t many excuses. We can add other streams of income if we really wanted to. And we should do it before we’re forced to, after all else fails, and we’ve hit rock bottom.

Author: Keith Horton / Medium

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